Basement Waterproofing Orland Park Il


Other problems that could cause a moist basement contain erroneous drainage and grading around the home. Mitchell explains: “The perimeter floor drain could be set up too high and might not drain to daylight. Not having used enough gravel might be part of the problem since gravel is pricey. Or the grade may leave surface water pooling alongside the house, and as this water enters the backfill it may carry loose dirt particles into the ground drain, at some stage clogging the drain and providing you backfill saturation. Surface water can also result in basement flooding by conducting or pooling alongside the house and running over the base wall. This is the reason good grading and extending gutter downspouts away from the home is critical.

If your water leakage problem is not foundation-wide, a basement waterproofing specialist can ascertain if it’s entering through cracks in the floor or chimney and repair those cracks to keep it from coming back.


Occasionally water in the basement is not the fault of the base. The moisture may just be because of leaky water pipe or heater.

So how to fight these plumbing issues?

Mitchell advises: “You can place the water heater at a containment system with a water view alert to issue a warning if it start to leak. You could put an excellent hose set in your washing machine as opposed to the five dollar pair of hoses which the washer came with. You might also have a sump system at the lower location of the cellar with an airtight floor drain integrated into the lid of the sump. This would keep your cellar from filling up with water if a leak occur on your national water system.”

This is certainly a smart move. And while an in-home pool may sound nice, that is probably not the best way to go about getting one.