best products for pixie cuts

Who says long-locked women should have all the fun? Surely, not us! From celebrity Keira Knigthley, Jennifer Lawrence into Carey Mulligan and Audrey Tautou, the stars wore their short pixie proudly, while offering us serious hairs-piration.

So, do you want to know what our top ten favorite short pixie cuts are? Continue reading!

  1. Blonde Bombshell:If anyone can convince us to try out the brief pixie crop trend, it is the gorgeous, trendy and gifted Carey Mulligan. It’s a amazing everyday shorts, one that is easy to create, manage, and one that looks striking even in the event you’ve just woken up out of bed. Like seriously! That’s the fantastic thing about short pixie cuts; they are quick and easy to design, unlike the long tresses that are difficult.To get Carey Mulligan’s tousled look, first apply texture crème to damp hair and then blow dry to make an effortless bend. Simply secure set up by hairspray, which, incidentally, is the key to this appearance.

    2. Hair color, check. Double check, fringe cut. So, yes, a near perfect style for actress Keira Knightley. Her hair is delicate, shaggy, windswept, and utterly fabulous and it does not appear to know what direction it is going in but nevertheless it works perfectly fine. Shaggy pixie cuts are possibly one of the few styles which do wonders on oval-shaped faces and we are happy Keira is taking advantage of the fact.

    3.Audrey chosen for a tousled wave which works equally well for the night out as it would at brunch.