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It is recommended that you install lights outside every doorway to the house. If there is a side of the house that tends to be very dark it might be a good idea to install a light there as well to prevent concealment in the shadows. Home Security Tip 2If you have a privacy fence around your property this can give the feeling of security but this is not necessarily the case. Security fences can actually provide a safe opportunity for a thief to work his way into your home. Once inside the perimeter of the fence the thief can work on entry to your home without being seen by neighbors or people passing by. Install motioned sensor controlled security lights outside within the fenced area.

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However, the system really shines when you see how easily it can become a whole house smart platform.

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Rear Garden ProtectionFor the exterior of your home external lighting is definitely a good investment.

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But it’s important to note that even if you’re doing the monitoring yourself, you’ll still be charged to keep your system up and running.