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While the two are very durable and less likely as other foams to premature breakdown and body impressions, even in milder versions, there are many in the market including one of the largest producers of Talalay latex that believe that at the very softest ILD’s, Talalay latex that’s made entirely of natural rubber might not be quite as durable or resistant to impressions as the mixed version. This is because Talalay is milder by character than Dunlop latex and in ILD’s which are extremely low, blended Talalay might be a preferable option. It’s also more affordable than NR Talalay. Due to the thicker density of Dunlop latex, blends aren’t necessary or even desired in any ILD’s.

Talalay latex has a high service factor of approximately 3 and Dunlop is even higher in the array of 4 so between them they provide a array of flexibility and attributes that other foams can’t replicate (most other foams are less than 3). This implies that in certain structures where a milder middle layer is needed to “help” a thinner relaxation layer form a pressure relieving cradle while at the same time getting firm with deeper compression, they’re both a very desirable material. Due to this support variable and its ability to conform to the shape of their body (point elasticity), it’s unique in the realm of foam. While in the maximum quality (and price) versions, HR polyfoam may approach the service variable of Talalay (with less of its other attributes), they’re not yet at an equal level.

The feel of both latex manufacturing methods can also be different with the denser Dunlop feeling less lively or “elastic”, combined Talalay being more elastic, and NR Talalay being the very elastic and playful yet. The distinction is a matter of taste in texture instead of a difference of “better or worse”. Due to its simpler method of manufacture, Dunlop is also more affordable than Talalay and the 100% organic version is comparable in cost to blended Talalay. Natural talalay is more costly than both.

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