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The pigments which are used in paint are nearly identical to those used in vinyl, but vinyl’s color goes all of the way through. Walker states, “A little rubdown with Soft Scrub or among the products on our (AAMA) listing of recommended cleaners will bring vinyl back to its original brilliance.” I tried the Soft Scrub evaluation and was amazed with how much brighter aged vinyl became. Not the first color, to be certain, but the scrubbing caused a marked improvement.

Fiberglass-frame windows are showing up in a couple of product lines. Fiberglass is extremely powerful, and because it’s made from glass fibers, the frames and the glass expand at the same pace. Fiberglass has to be painted and is pricier than vinyl. Owens Corning, Andersen and Marvin are three significant manufacturers that produce fiberglass doors. Owens Corning is the only manufacturer which produces fiberglass windows with insulated frames. However, before getting too excited, the whole-window U-value for a low-E argon-filled casement window carries the exact same 0.32 score for both an uninsulated vinyl and an insulated fiberglass unit.

However, they’re energy siphons and should not be used where energy efficiency is a consideration.

The array of window options available today is staggering. However, a working understanding of the conditions and these few guidelines must make picking windows somewhat less intimidating (see Rules of thumb for window selection).

You might also wish to get ahold of the book: Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance by John Carmody and others, W. W. Norton & Co..

To receive the best deal out of your windows, select units that match your climate. This graph suggests minimal values for the listed climates.

Your windows typically offer you a view, ventilation, shelter, and lighting. They might also be costing you loss of energy, hard earned bucks, and relaxation. Inadequately insulated doors and windows can cost up to 30 percent a homes’ energy dollars. Many old U.S. houses have single-glazed (one glass coating) windows. These homeowners may opt to incorporate storm windows, or replace them with fresh double or triple glazed windows using high performance glass for better energy performing windows and conserve their energy dollars.