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Cost? Composite boards go as timber for about twice as much, and wood is simpler to work with.


They can be crafted in a vast array of styles and stained or painted with colours that were innumerable. Cedar and redwood are the material due to the resistance to insects and rot, but other wood species are used. For longevity wood is best in regards to members. Planks or any pickets should be coated before finishing with a preservative.

Wood costs less than either composite or vinyl, and maintained and if constructed, a timber fence will last for years. And unlike materials, wood is renewable if harvested.

Wood requires more maintenance. A few times annually, it ought to be rinsed off, and it needs to be sanded or completed with a stain every three or four decades. Cedar and redwood fencing might be left to weather naturally, every couple of years, but a preservative should be applied. Due to the maintenance required, the expense of wood fencing may equal or exceed that of fence types.

Ornamental Metal

In many ways, decorative metal fencing combines the best qualities of materials. Offered in a vast array of fashions, it is unsurpassed and very low-maintenance in durability. While cast iron has been the standard for decades, the standard of today is steel, aluminum, or a combination of aluminum and solid metal.

If rust appears, it can be brushed away, or the alloy can be treated using a coat of paint and a primer. Even metal fencing can be recycled.

Fencing isn’t without drawbacks. To begin with, repair work can be complicated. But metal fences are resistant to damage. You can purchase Civil cast iron fencing which has outlasted the home it surrounded.