Sprout tactfully utilizes a friendly picture of the group on their Twitter profile that grabs the attention of the followers and gives insight into the character of their brand. This picture says, “We are people just like you, we laugh, we’ve got fun — we have this excellent product we work on together.”

Sprout Social also maintains a list of the group member’s Twitter profiles a look into the faces behind their own brand.

Lots of the Sprout workers participate in ongoing social activities like the weekly#SproutChat and help distribute content via their networks that are connected. Sprout understands that their employees is very likely to be their biggest cheerleaders, be well informed of the merchandise, and be their go-to brand ambassadors.

“At SproutSocial, we have focused on building personal relationships with our community by using any desktop we have, such as history of profile or conversation notes. For #SproutChat, I have engaged with the community through my @Sprout_Sarahhandle, representing the company, but also my character in the name, in addition to my profile avatar and header picture.

I am blessed for the alliteration, I think that it feels friendly and approachable. Connecting in individual fosters a degree of trust which often takes years to accomplish online.” — Sarah Nagel, community director at SproutSocial.

To get a fortune 500 company or other larger businesses, managing an entire team of private accounts can become quite a hassle, as well as a possibly complicated PR situation.

1 way that these businesses can incorporate more personal elements into their Twitter usage, is to handle a trained group of social media agents. By way of instance,Verizon Wireless Support made a department of consumer service and social networking specialists to handle their large influx of queries on Twitter and other stations.

With good training protocols to make certain that their brand guidelines are enforced, Verizon can tackle thousands of tweets per day in a timely fashion from multiple touch points. Each representative signals their tweet with their initials which serves two advantages: monitoring of customer service problems and informing their followers they’re speaking with real men and women.

Some other places on Twitter that you can focus on becoming more human comprise:

Whether you’re hosting or simply engaging in Twitter chats, you can reap the benefits of an active open discussion atmosphere. Twitter talks are an opportunity for your business and your employees to fulfill “face-to-face” with your followers, clients, and others that could be interested in your business conversations.

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